Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Reiyuki's design done with HDPE cutting boards...

I ran across this little proof-of-concept CNC machine design several months ago. Looking at it again this morning, I realised that it's functionally equivalent to Reiyuki's design.

It's fun to look at and gives you an idea of what you can do with materials that you can buy right out of your local hardware store. :-)

Um... I do believe he did say that he was basing his design on the CNC machine featured on - which is to say, this CNC machine. But yes, certainly a very, very cool hack :)
I was just talking to my girlfriend (also a total nerd) about this. I love the idea of using cutting boards to make a CNC machine. I'm always impressed when I see someone look beyond the intended use of an object and see its potential for other purposes. I've been known to wander through stores (hardware, craft, department, office supply) looking at the inventory and hoping for inspiration.
Lol. Now that's an image; Me -- walking thru a craft store carrying a basket full of knitting needles and yarn, and trying to explain to the cashier that no, I'm not into knitting, I'm using it to increase the performance on my 3000RPM RepRap motors.

Really though, this is all about what innovation is: taking something and doing something with it that nobody else thought of before. "Intended Use" is completely subjective.
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Yeah, my plans were closely based on that cnc machine linked above. I pretty much just added more reinforcements and recalculated for US-Standard lumber dimensions.

That milling machine still looks like a great start for those that have the tools neccesary to fabricate cutting boards. The most advanced tools at my disposal are a drill-press and jigsaw.
The most advanced tools at my disposal are a drill-press and jigsaw.

I don't think that the guy who built that cutting board CNC system used anything more complicated than that. :-)
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