Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Progress on Mothra

Back from travel (business) with an itch to build

As you can see, the X axis is almost finished. I still need to figure out how to properly mount some bearings between the frame and the threaded rod, and then I'll probably try to mount the first stepper after that.

The Y and Z axes will need critical alignment with some careful cutting, so I'm gonna hold off until X is up and working.

Oh, and a reminder to any other builders, if you don't want to waste parts (like I did before making this version), follow the 7 p's:

Poor Proper Planning Precedes Piss-Poor Performance

More updates to follow, and hopefully after X is finished; exact cut, drill, and parts lists.

Um... if you want to put more than one extruder head on that thing the y axis needs to be wider than the x platform. Check out the Briar Patch design. I was thinking about tow heads, a polymer extruder and a support material extruder fed by Adrian's peristalic pump.
*** if you want to put more than one extruder head on that thing the y axis needs to be wider than the x platform ***

All is not lost -- you could move out from instead of along the y axis. Looks like plenty of space over the X-Axis.

Probably better to put them along the Y-Axis though for stability, as Forrest noted, though.
This setup is pretty much a one-head fabricator. I'll make heads interchangable so a dremel or router could be fitted, but that's about it.

I'm just looking for enough accuracy to be able to fabricate small parts and ideally, parts for a bigger, better reprap.

The X axis and YZ axis are just bolted together. A new X can be made to be just about any legnth, up to maybe 36-48", and fitted to the same YZ chassis.

There's also a possibility that a second extruder could be fitted to the back end of the Y axis, with some modifications.
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