Thursday, September 07, 2006


Construction Begins

I've begun work on my first Reprap, although I'm not sure what to name it yet. I went with a design that I feel is very basic, yet very workable. The basis for the design was that we (my friends and I) were able to scavenge some REALLY hefty smooth rods from a broken copy machine we got nearly free from our local college surplus. The design size was then based around the length of those rods. the basic layout is to have the extruder on the top of the frame on the x axis. mounted below that, about halfway up the frame we will have the y axis with the z carriage mounted on top of that. althought this halves the area i can print with the y axis, i still have a very large print area, at least 1 cubic foot, which should be plenty.

we constructed the frame out of more scavenged goods, this time spare lumber we got from old dorm lofts that people discard when they move out at the end of the semester. its a pretty basic design, and we havent mounted any of the cross bracing or the mounts for the YZ stage, but this should give you an idea of how its supposed to work.

Also, I just got a package from Sebastian in the mail that contains a whole bunch of CAPA. I hereby publicly accept your challenge of the race to first extrusion!

I like your white board! :-D
Those steel rods are promising, I've used them for a few massive sliding assemblies. As long as you are patient and clever about alinging them just right, they work very well.

Good idea that cube thing! Maybe you could call it the Borg Cube. It can replicate...

Prepare to be assimilated. :)
yess!! the Borg Cube it is. i'll talk it over with my friends who are helping me build it, but that sounds like a great name.
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