Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Buying Filament

TylerM has done us a major service this morning. He linked us to a polymer welding rod firm down the coast from me at Santa Barbara that provides polymer filament for a variety of plastics.

I called down there just now to see if I could find out who was making their filament for them. Turns out that they are making their own filament .

I talked to Robin there and she indicated that they had their own filament extrusion machine. I asked her if they would be amenable to making short runs of filament with a non-standard polymers. She said no problem if we could source the filament for them or tell them where to get it.

She is supposed to call me this afternoon with some ideas about what sizes of production runs they'd be willing to do and how much of a surcharge on the basic polymer cost they'd be charging.

Santa Barbara is just under 300 km south of me. It is the university and technology town where my son attends university. I'll be moving him down there for his second year in two weeks and have already made arrangements to visit Abbedon at that time.

This is super!!!!

Nice, and I was just noodling around with google searches for HDPE. Any news?
Not yet, Robin had to go out on some customer visits which put her a bit behind on getting back to me.
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