Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Mothra design details

As requested, here's more images+specs on my design.
Remember, this is not a final design, and is subject to upgrade as I experiment with building it:

Lumber needs based on above design:

X axis:
1 12x24" x 1/8" base.
2 22.5" cut 1x4
2 12" cut 1x4

X axis platform:
1 10x10" x 1/8" platform
2 10" cut 1x2
1 2" cut 1x2

Y Axis:
2 18" cut 1x6 (sides)
1 14" cut 1x6 (top)
2 14" cut 1x6 (backing)

Z Axis Arm:
2 4" cut 1x3 (ends)
2 8" cut 1x2 (slide)
1 8" cut 1x3 (support)

Z Axis bracket:
2 4" cut 1x2
1 5" cut 1x4

Total -

2x4ft 1/8" or 1/4" thick board
48" of 1x2 (4ft)
16" of 1x3
74" of 1x4 (6.2ft)
78" of 1x6 (6.5ft)

I'm leaving out hardware+mounts for now until I actually start putting it together. Sometimes what you see on the screen isn't always what you end up with.

Total work-area based on the above is a mere 10x10x6.5" . Still, it's adequate for any number of tasks, and if it works then it can print out a bigger brother :)

Feel free to use/modify/hack/critique/slander/borrow/steal this design.

PS: This site was extremely helpful in turning out the model:
Actual Lumber Measurements

Reminds me of some of my design charetes.
To get more movement out of the verticle axis, I've 'reversed' the design of the axis (I'm using similar to you, 1 or 2 guide rods and a threaded rod to drive a 'block' between 'two end blocks'). Instead of mounting the extruder head to the 'moving block', I'm going to 'hardmount' the 'moving block' so that the entire verticle axis moves around it, and hang the extruder off the bottom 'end block'.

If you're not concerned about much height in your prototyping area, your current design is probably more stable. If you want more height, I don't think your current design will scale well... (you've got to lift the structure for the verticle axis to get more height, and then counter that with a longer 'arm'/'mount' for the extruder to reach down to the work surface...)
Just a note, I recently got called for travel at my job, so I won't be able to finish building the project for a couplefew weeks.

More time for planning, I guess. Good time to start ordering stepper motors :)

In response to LordCat: I see how this setup would have a hard time scaling the Z dimension without heavy modification. Still, with only a larger X/Y movement, the number of things you could make with it goes up substansially. Gotta walk before you can run, though.
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Be sure and shop hard for steppers. There are some good deals out there.
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