Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Introduction to Reiyuki's design - Mothra

Last weekend, I finally snapped and started construction of my own reprap, 'Mothra' this weekend. It is a wooden construction designed for (roughly)12x12x14" movement. The naming convention is in-line with the 'Godzilla' design.

My project is physically modelled after the CnC design featured recently on hackaday.com, except using wood.

Through a combination of bad planning and inaccurate tools (recip saw), the result was noticably inaccurate by the time the X axis was completed (nasty pictures to come). So, before continuing I decided to whip up a 3d Studio model. The main goal was to maximize the use of precut lumber, lest I suffer another deformed monster.


About 90% of this can be cut from straight 1x2,1x3,1x4,1x6 lumber, which keeps things super-simple so anyone with a saw and a free weekend might be able to bring themselves up to speed in this neat little group. Electronics will be a major issue too, but I'm gonna let Adrian and Plaasjaapie mess with that one for now.

As things progress I plan on fine-tuning the model with more dimensions and a detailed parts-list. But before that, I need to rip apart preMothra and use the guts to help build this new model. Details to come as I get some free time.

Great design.

Would you might doing a quick cutlist?

I was looking, there seems to be an opensource design for stepper motor drivers that is more oriented to building CNC machines. You can get their circuits, board layouts, even purchase bare boards at http://www.pminmo.com/l297-8/l297-8.htm at modest cost. (not a customer or participant in pmino.com ... just saw their stuff and it looks pretty good to me)

I wonder if we could find how to modify the reprap software to drive some of these parallel port driven devices?
I wonder if we could find how to modify the reprap software to drive some of these parallel port driven devices?

Another way to skin that particular cat might be to modify the schematic to handle serial comms. That shouldn't be any big deal and it would let you access both the reprap software and other reprap boards like the extruder control board design without a lot of unnecessary drama.
If you can produce files that we can shove into an acrylic sheet cutter as used by sign makers, it'll be a good way of people worldwide running off RepStraps.

Vik :v)
"Would you might doing a quick cutlist?"

At work, I don't have access to my original model. To be honest, I threw that model together in about an hour.
I can say with good probability that a single 8ft plank of each: 1x2,1x3,1x4,1x6
would be sufficient to build this.

The actual list, and detailed plans will be published with the next post, probably later tonight.

If I have time, I'll add a larger version for 18"x24"x18" movement as well. Can't vouch for whether it will work well yet, as I still need to build it myself.

I like those links for prebuilt boards. I can solder fine, but etching is always a pain.
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