Monday, July 31, 2006


Structures Made From Flat Components

My son was playing with a game recently. All parts are in the form of cutouts in polystyrene cards roughly the size of a credit card. You separate the pieces from the cards and assemble structures from them.

Some photos:

I suppose the most significant thing about this game is that the pieces could be produced in a single pass, with no Z movement and no support material. Even with those restrictions, fairly complex 3D structures can be produced.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Mothra design details

As requested, here's more images+specs on my design.
Remember, this is not a final design, and is subject to upgrade as I experiment with building it:

Lumber needs based on above design:

X axis:
1 12x24" x 1/8" base.
2 22.5" cut 1x4
2 12" cut 1x4

X axis platform:
1 10x10" x 1/8" platform
2 10" cut 1x2
1 2" cut 1x2

Y Axis:
2 18" cut 1x6 (sides)
1 14" cut 1x6 (top)
2 14" cut 1x6 (backing)

Z Axis Arm:
2 4" cut 1x3 (ends)
2 8" cut 1x2 (slide)
1 8" cut 1x3 (support)

Z Axis bracket:
2 4" cut 1x2
1 5" cut 1x4

Total -

2x4ft 1/8" or 1/4" thick board
48" of 1x2 (4ft)
16" of 1x3
74" of 1x4 (6.2ft)
78" of 1x6 (6.5ft)

I'm leaving out hardware+mounts for now until I actually start putting it together. Sometimes what you see on the screen isn't always what you end up with.

Total work-area based on the above is a mere 10x10x6.5" . Still, it's adequate for any number of tasks, and if it works then it can print out a bigger brother :)

Feel free to use/modify/hack/critique/slander/borrow/steal this design.

PS: This site was extremely helpful in turning out the model:
Actual Lumber Measurements


Introduction to Reiyuki's design - Mothra

Last weekend, I finally snapped and started construction of my own reprap, 'Mothra' this weekend. It is a wooden construction designed for (roughly)12x12x14" movement. The naming convention is in-line with the 'Godzilla' design.

My project is physically modelled after the CnC design featured recently on, except using wood.

Through a combination of bad planning and inaccurate tools (recip saw), the result was noticably inaccurate by the time the X axis was completed (nasty pictures to come). So, before continuing I decided to whip up a 3d Studio model. The main goal was to maximize the use of precut lumber, lest I suffer another deformed monster.

About 90% of this can be cut from straight 1x2,1x3,1x4,1x6 lumber, which keeps things super-simple so anyone with a saw and a free weekend might be able to bring themselves up to speed in this neat little group. Electronics will be a major issue too, but I'm gonna let Adrian and Plaasjaapie mess with that one for now.

As things progress I plan on fine-tuning the model with more dimensions and a detailed parts-list. But before that, I need to rip apart preMothra and use the guts to help build this new model. Details to come as I get some free time.

Monday, July 24, 2006


RepRap Builders' Blog

A number of people who are not members of the core development team have started building their own RepRaps - Welcome to them!

I have set up this blog as part of the RepRap project for any of them who want to record their discoveries, hints, calls for help, pictures of triumphs and so on.

If you would like to add your work to this blog just e-mail me at giving a few details of your RepRap project and I'll register you to contribute.

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